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Ella Baila Sola Lyrics

ella baila sola lyrics

Dude, what do you think of that girl?

like the one who is dancing alone

Bella, she knows she's hot
That everyone is watching her dance
I approach and throw a whole verb at him
We take drinks without buts, only temptation

I told
"I am going to conquer your family, in a few days you will be mine"
Told me
I'm very crazy but he likes it
That no guy like me acts

Ella baila Sola Lyrics English

And there you go, mija
And pure double P, man
Just like that, buddy Pedro
Pure Armed Link
For the plebitas

I'm not a vato who has varo
But speaking from the heart, I fulfill everything for you
He grabbed me close to his hand
My friend didn't even believe it, because when it happened it was me

Her body
I swear to god it was so perfect
Her waist as a model
His eyes
From the beginning I fell in love
She likes me and I like her

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